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Emily Trosclair is a multi-talented American producer, actress, and model who juggles many other talents ranging from casting, writing, dancing, vocals, charity, etc. She is of French, Puerto Rican, and Cherokee Indian descent. Emily is originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, still residing there, as well as her second home in Los Angeles, California. Her passion for the arts began at a very young age, to include dance, theater, and vocals. Emily is Executive Producer, Producer, and Casting Director, as well as acting as a supporting role in the film "Memoir". The film is about those who serve our country, and return suffering from various levels of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as how they can overcome, and live with these challenges. This is a passion project for Emily, as her late grandfather served in IWO JIMA during WW2 as an interpreter between the American and Japanese leaders and witnessed the raising of the flag for the American victory. Emily is also Executive Producer and Associate Producer of another film touching on the subject of PTSD called " Seeking Esperanza", also known as " Buscando Esperanza", a film about love and forgiveness. Emily is the Executive Producer of a film called "Awakened". Awakened is a thriller written and directed by Marvin Wilson. She is a credited actress in the movie "Mucho Deniro", playing the concerned girlfriend of one of the main characters. Emily is passionate about charity as well and is an active supporting member of UNICEF, ASPCA, Susan Komen and St. Jude’s. Emily's grandmother and father are both cancer survivors. Emily's grandmother remains her greatest inspiration and is a constant source of support and encouragement, alongside the rest of her family. Miss Trosclair was recently appointed to be Chairperson of the Valley Village and North Hollywood Chapter of ALL, an organization based on inspiring others worldwide to reach their full potential. Emily knows the importance of women empowering other women, and is honored to be a Chairperson. As Chairperson, Emily plans to encourage those in her community to use their gifts to make a positive difference in the world. She was recently signed on by a colleague and friend, as the second “Angel” and advocate of an awareness group, called “Pittie’s Angels”. It is an awareness group with a take on “Charlie’s Angels", to focus on being a voice for the animals and to also help end breed discrimination. This organization is directed by Ms. Lisa Pellegrene (another of the 3 angels) and inspired by her Pitbull, “Pittie”. Emily's main source of drive and motivation is her son Landon. Most important to her, is to be a positive role model for him, so that he knows by example that there is beauty and strength in the ability to follow one’s dreams and that everything is possible.

Quoted from Miss Emily Trosclair below:
I am originally from Lafayette, Louisiana. I also lived in Miami for 4 years before moving to Los Angeles to pursue my acting/modeling career. I am listed as caucasian, but I am French, Indian(Cherokee), and Puerto Rican as well. Although I am mixed, I am only fluent in English. My main passions would be acting and modeling. Since I was two, I can remember naturally gravitating towards the arts and being completely obssessed with it. I grew up doing whatever was available in my local community such as park theatre, Abbey Players theatre, summer drama, dance lessons, choir, as well as in my own home recording and learning movie lines, choreography, and songs. I enjoy writing, singing, dancing, photography, and any sort of outdoor activities. Currently I am taking classes in acting, vocals, and dance. I hope to one day soon take on language as well(french and spanish). I enjoy living a very healthy lifestyle. I am willing and available for travel.

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